Frequently Asked Questions

Exams that evaluate structure such as: MRI, CT Scan, or PET Scan, take on average less than 1 hour. Blood and urine tests can be scheduled at your convenience at a local Quest laboratory. The time for lab tests can vary.

We examine all vital organs as well as your head, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. This is the most detailed evaluation of the structure of your organs and body available by medicine today.

After the exams are completed and the lab results are in, an appointment will be scheduled at your earliest convenience with a physician to go over your results.

We recommend that a preventive full body scan/evaluation be done yearly if possible.

If any abnormalities are found after testing, the physician will discuss this with you along with measures to be taken.

The blood tests that we order may be much more in-depth than the usual blood tests that are performed for regular doctor visits.

We perform this test to ensure optimum health and provide the appropriate dietary supplements that are customized with a personalized nutritional formula based on your own.

We have GE's advanced MRI Technology, GE Discovery MR 750 3.0 Tesla High Field MRI. Very few centers in South Florida have this equipment and it is unparalleled in image quality.


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