Here is what you can expect if you decide to use BodyView as a form of preventive medicine.

Our goal throughout these steps is to provide the best patient care experience possible. No pain, no radiation, no unnecessary needles, and no incisions.



You will meet with our VIP Preventive Medicine consultant that will go over every aspect of the BodyView Full Body Exam including pricing, schedules, time frames, etc...


The second series of exams will be an MRI, PET Scan /CT, or CAT Scan which will help us evaluate Oncological (Brain & Body), Cardiac, Oncological Bone, and Neurological inflammation/infection trauma protocols.

Blood & Urine Analysis

The next step is to check and run some blood and urine tests which will determine if you have the potential for disease or a very early proto-disease that is not yet symptomatic. Blood and urine tests will be scheduled at your convenience at the closest Quest laboratory to you.

Expert Evaluation

Once all the exams are completed, you get to go home. Within a few hours/days, one of our world-class diagnosis experts will carefully evaluate every aspect of the tests. They are very thorough and well-versed in interpreting results and catching anything out of the ordinary.

One-On-One Consultation

Within a week or so, you will be called to schedule an appointment to go over the results and findings of the exams with a Doctor. This consultation will last a minimum of 30 minutes and during this time, if there was anything out of the ordinary, the physician will provide expert recommendations for a wide array of corrective actions, which may include analysis for a personalized assessment of nutritional needs.

Now You Know, and Knowledge is Power

After you go through the entire BodyView, VIP Preventive Medicine, experience, you will quite possibly have peace of mind, as regards your health, that you have never felt before. On the other hand, you may have some very early warning news about changes or actions you should take, which in the long-term can truly save your life. Remember, conventional medicine waits until we are sick to react to a problem. Knowing ahead of time and having one step up on any potential illnesses or diseases can make all the difference in the world.


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